Advantages of Choosing a Staffing Firm Over Your Corporate Recruiter

“Why should we utilize your staffing services when we already have a corporate recruiter?”

This is a question we get frequently from potential clients. When comparing corporate recruiters to those who work for staffing firms, neither is superior from a professional standpoint. They all have the ability to get the job done. However, utilizing a staffing firm, utilizing a good staffing firm, can open up your company to stronger candidates, quicker. Here’s why:

External recruiters’ focus is on making placements, not logging activity.

The best external recruiters are going to be working with and providing fewer, but higher quality, candidates because their success depends on sinking the placement. They manage the process from beginning to end and will only send you the best of the best.

Your business will have a brand new, extensive network to utilize.

Experienced staffing firms have developed deep networks of passive candidates that you would not necessarily be able to tap into otherwise. In our competitive industry, third-party recruiters are forced to use creativity when networking and assessing candidate and customer expectations. Staffing firms have an advantage for this reason – they not only have the ability to source top candidates from more areas, but they’ll be able to do it faster than an internal recruiter.

The best candidates want to work with staffing firms.

Hardworking recruiters and their staffing teams establish reputations with the best talent out there, simply by doing their job well. Experienced, passive candidates know they can go to staffing firms for information regarding new opportunities. Corporate recruiters who only work with one company are not going to have that widespread visibility.

They have credibility with hiring teams.

Third-party recruiters are used to building trusting relationships over time with the same hiring managers. They know the most essential questions to ask and how to communicate effectively with companies in order to understand their unique hiring needs. Corporate recruiters on the other hand tend to work with different hiring managers more frequently, and may not have the time required to settle in and build valuable partnerships like staffing firms do.

Using an exceptional recruiting firm that meets the criteria above should be a strategic part of every business’ hiring initiative. When you can find a great staffing resource, trust them and their methods; let them leverage their abilities to deliver their services with processes they’ve perfected.

If you are looking to grow your team and need assistance finding the talent your business needs, give Diverse Staffing a call at (317) 813-8000.

12 thoughts on “Advantages of Choosing a Staffing Firm Over Your Corporate Recruiter

  1. Hannah Neilson

    Thanks for the tip about considering a staffing service because it would give you the best candidates. It would be good to consider this because it would show that they are qualified. If I were a business, I would definitely want a staffing agency to get the best candidates for the job.

  2. Marcus Coons

    It helped a lot when you mentioned how the best employees always want to work with a staffing agency. I understand that doing some research and compare several agencies can help you find the best one for your type of experience. We need to find a good staffing agency that can help my brother find the best job he can find, so I’ll share your page with him.

  3. Heidi Bookenstock

    The higher-ups in my company are looking to bring some new people in, and they’re not sure if they’d rather rely on their usual corporate recruiter, or go a new direction with a staffing agency. I was curious about the pros and cons of using a staffing agency, so I decided to do some research. I didn’t think about the fact that candidates who work with staffing firms have established a good reputation by doing their job well.

  4. Hector Uba

    Thank you for the information on the benefits of choosing a recruitment firm over a corporate recruiter, it was very helpful. I had no idea that staffing firms had such a deep connection with the work force as opposed to a corporate recruiter. My brother is looking to hire for his new business, I will be sure to share this information with him before he starts the process.

  5. Millie Hue

    I like that you mentioned how staffing agencies know the right questions to ask to find the right people for the job. With that in mind, I will be seeking their help when I have opened up my dental clinic. As of now, we are still waiting for the business loan that we have applied for to start the construction of the clinic. But this tip will really help in the future. Thanks!

  6. Elif Borch

    Staffing agency helps several business and it is amazing that such staffing agency even help employers to easily arrange their events.

  7. Ridley Fitzgerald

    Using a staffing firm seems really smart. I love the fact that they can attract the best candidates. If I owned a business, I’d use one of these.

  8. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for explaining why it could be good to pick a staffing firm. It’s nice to know that a lot of people go to staffing firms because they have a lot of information about new opportunities. This seems really ideal especially if it helps candidates and even companies understand their industry better and what kind of work is needed.

  9. Ellie Davis

    I loved that you mentioned working with a staffing agency will help you to find the best candidates for your business. My husband’s business is expanding, and we are looking for advice to help him choose the right people to work for him. I will let him know about the benefits of working with a staffing agency and see if it helps.

  10. ales

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