Direct Hire Recruiting

Customized Solutions for Your Full Time Needs

For some, the best staffing solution is direct hire recruiting. Our recruiting team will work with you to define the skills and quality of your ideal candidate and will begin searching for the best talent available. We use a variety of tactics to find top talent for all of our clients. Our recruiters have a wide talent pool, utilize social media marketing, and networking opportunities to find the top talent for all of our clients.

The direct hire recruiting process is all about people, which is why we take the time to understand your needs and the needs of every applicant we work with. Diverse Staffing believes that by better understanding the applicant and the position we are working to fill, we can make better matches. We’ll never send you a candidate who we haven’t screened and interviewed to ensure they are prepared, skilled, and qualified for the position.

Diverse Staffing will work for you as a marketer to find the best candidate for the goals you have set. By using your individual company information and the open position description, our recruiters are able to find target, engage, and qualify top talent. We work with you to determine what a great fit for your company looks like and then we work for you to find that talent and guide them through the onboarding and hiring process.

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