Temporary to Hire

Blended Solutions to Meet Your Staffing Needs

If you are looking to fill a full-time role within your organization, but aren’t quite ready to make a commitment to an employee, then a temporary-to-hire solution may be a great option for you. By using a contract-to-hire placement, you have the opportunity to “test” out an employee to ensure they are a great fit in your organization and for the specific role.

Contract-to-hire placements offer a perfect blend for associates and companies looking for a full-time placement, but aren’t quite ready to make a full-time commitment. It allows both parties the opportunity to make sure this really is the best option. Diverse Staffing engages both you (the company) and our associate throughout the entire process to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Retention is one of our highest priorities at Diverse Staffing, by ensuring our associates and you are still happy with the placement, we can help lower your costs and increase your productivity. We constantly engage associates through recognition programs, mentorship opportunities, and evaluations. By doing this, we can make sure your needs are still being met while our associates are reaching their goals.

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